Orientation and Preparation


Before a student or on-site faculty begins a placement, there are a few requirements to be completed to help ensure the safety and well-being of students, staff and our patients. Some requirements are shared across the province, and some are specific to the health organization, site or care area of the placement.​​

Pre-placement requirements

These apply to students of all disciplines attending a placement at any health care setting. The details are found in the Provincial Practice Education Guidelines listed.​


Provincial – these requirements are in place for any placement in BC.
Health Organization – each health organization has additional learning requirements for COVID-19, Privacy and Confidentiality, and training for Electronic Health Records.

​Site/Program/Discipline Specific Requirements - Depending on the site, program area or discipline, there may be additional orientation materials. These will be communicated via the preceptor or clinical instructor, or for those with access to HSPnet, listed in the Destination Profiles.​