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These resources and tools are intended to help health and education partners clarify their respective roles and responsibilities in supporting student practice education. Standardized resources have been designed to promote consistent practices throughout the province.

 Provincial Policy

Provincial Policy for Student Practice Education ​


​​To support the adoption of innovative student practice models, the following resource provides examples from a jurisdictional scan: ​Samples of Health and Medical Student Practice Education Models



The Health Sciences Placement Network, or HSPnet, provides a web-based system for managing practice education in the health sciences. Used across Canada and internationally since 2003, HSPnet provides a database and tools to support the following practice education goals:

  • Increased availability and quality of practice education opportunities for students
  • Streamlined processes and improved communications among those involved in practice education
  • Enhanced access to a greater range of placement opportunities including underutilized sites, rural communities, and interprofessional experiences
  • Monitoring and improvement of learner and agency outcomes
  • Enhanced profile and priority of practice education​

HSPnet BC Login page

 Affiliation agreements

The affiliation agreement templates are standardized resources for BC health authorities, health organizations, and post-secondary institutions. They are designed to be as straightforward and clear as possible, while still addressing key issues. An Education Affiliation Agreement is required for all practice education placements.

An affiliation agreement:
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of the health authority and education institution in providing practice education
  • Addresses the risks in the relationship for organizations as well as their employees, patients, faculty, and students
The education affiliation agreement templates were informed by both health and education sectors with the expertise of legal, risk management, contract management, education, and practice representatives.

Ea​​ch health authority and post-secondary education institution assigns authority to specific individuals for negotiating new agreements, renewing agreements, and approving final agreements.​

BC public post-secondary institutions that are members of the University, College & Institute Protection Program (UCIPP), use the UCIPP Affiliation Agreement Template

For all other post-secondary institutions, including out-of-province and international, use the non-UCIPP Affiliation Agreement Template.

When Students or Institution Staff are responsible for arranging their own medical/accident insurance, append the Wai​ver​ to the above Non-UCIPP Education Affiliation Agreement Template.

Health Care Protection Program Risk Notes:

 Provincial metrics

Listing of data reports on provincial student practice data:


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